OEMIX-AQUA is a natural synthesis mix of maslinic acid and oleanolic acid used as a feed additive, with functional properties and a high content of triterpenes.

Oemix-Aqua’s application in each of the stages of animal development pursues specific objectives as increase of survival rate, activation of the immune response, improvement of protein turnover, growth promoter and is used according to a protocol and dosage adapted to the size and characteristics of the animal in every period. Besides improving the intestinal health of animals, Oemix Aqua also reduces the need for antibiotics use.


  • Increasing intestinal transcellular active transport
  • Increasing the mass of the intestinal epithelium and epithelial integrity. Prevention of colonization and damage of the epithelium by pathogens.
  • Attenuation at the local and systemic level of the inflammatory response and associated tissue damage in land animals / Immunopotentiation in aquatic animals.
  • Reduction of the enzymatic activity of the serine protease group.
  • High antioxidant activity
  • Protective effect of oxidation of LDL particles
  • Improvement of metabolic efficiency by reducing the presence of free radicals
  • Enhancement of the action of dyes in feed
  • Modification of the lipid profile of accumulated fat, increase in polyunsaturated fats (DHA, linoleic)
  • In recent years, several studies have also proved that maslinic acid exerts a wide range of biological activities, i.e., antitumor, antidiabetic, antioxidant, cardioprotective, neuroprotective, antiparasitic and growth-stimulating as well.