VNF NaturXanthin

Astaxanthin Nature’s most powerful antioxidant.

Astaxanthin is a natural carotenoid, commonly found in microalgae, crustaceans, and salmon. Astaxanthin is the most powerful Antioxidant known to science, it is widely regarded as the king of antioxidants and used to boost the immunity, support cardiovascular system, reduce pain, improve disease resistance, etc. Astaxanthin is also used as a valuable natural color in many industries.

Astaxanthin has long been applied in Aquaculture and Poultry Farming to enhance both the growth, natural color and nutrient content. Being multi-functional (an antioxidant, immune-stimulant and anti-inflammatory), there is strong proof that the addition of Astaxanthin will strengthen the animals’ bodily health and stress tolerance. Particularly, Astaxanthin exhibits strong bioactivities in enhancing the quality and quantity of embryos and offspring – leading to higher reproductive performance.

Our Shrimp-based Astaxanthin – branded NaturXanthinTM – has high efficacy due to being a Natural Astaxanthin will increase disease and stress resistance while stimulating growth and reproduction. Astaxanthin significantly protects crucial organs as it is absorbed, metabolized and accumulated at the hepatopancreas in shrimp or liver in fish. The hepatopancreas and liver are responsible for digestion, metabolism, and detoxification yet are highly susceptible to oxidative stress due to high lipid diets and hard-to-digest protein.


The abundance of stabilized vitamin C found in astaxanthin strengthens the immune system and supports general growth of fish and shrimp. Immune system protects organisms from infections and checks whether the cells are functioning appropriately. Astaxanthin increases the number and level of activity of white cells (lymphocytes) and killer cells which are responsible for immunological response to pathogens (bacteria, viruses and fungi). Astaxanthin also protects lymphocytes and neutrophil from oxidizing caused by destroying pathogens. Its protective abilities support immune system through production of lymphocytes.

Astaxanthin neutralizes toxins and binds free radicals which would otherwise harm cells. Its role in alleviating inflammation and in speeding up the processes of cell regeneration is of key importance and needs to be emphasized. These processes are possible thanks to the ability of astaxanthin to travel through cell membranes (that are usually made of fats and carotenoids are soluble in fats). This makes it easy for astaxanthin to reach the center of the cells and repair them from inside.

Thanks to a unique and well thought through selection of elements, astaxanthin meets energy demands entirely and beneficially influences an appropriate growth of fish.